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The Eromanga Natural History Museum (ENHM) is a collection of international and national significance being developed to meet international museum standards (International Code of Zoological Nomenclature). The Holotype collection will include new Australian dinosaurs and together with other Holotype specimens, represents the most valued component of the collection.


Digital technology is the cornerstone for this emerging natural history collection, enabling us to achieve cutting-edge research outcomes through CT scanning, LiDah and Photogrammetry. Our high end 3D capable workstation gives us the capability to produce high quality reconstructions for replicas and on-line resources. The dedicated natural history museum collection management system, Vernon is used to digitally catalogue and ultimately make the museum’s collections accessible on-line.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you recognise dinosaur fossils’

Fossils are predominantly black coloured and will look different to other rocks in the same area, plus they are heavier than rocks. Often they are broken into irregular fragments and have a porous structure.

Interesting fact: Sometimes if you put your tongue on the rock and it sticks a little bit this can also mean it is a fossil.

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