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Eromanga in True Blue Culture Vulture Inflight Magazine

Monday, February 05, 2018

Eromanga Natural History Museum has just had been featured in an article for Rex Airline inflight magazine True Blue. The article titled "Outback Encounters" looks at the wonders offered in our region. As we cannot publish the whole article here is a snapshot below. Click the link to view the entire contents of the article.

Descending towards Charleville, Queensland’s Outback stretches beneath our wings like a Ben Shearer painting from his Cooper’s Creek period. Dirt roads cross the red earth in a mishmash of shortcuts that run hither and thither across paddocks stretching all the way to the horizon. Out here, on the fringes of the Strzelecki Desert, everything is oversized. Stations like Plevna Downs, which at 112,000 hectares is almost twice the size of Singapore, was the former stomping ground for Australia’s largest dinosaurs. - Rex Airline True Blue Magazine, Feb - Mar 2018,  Fiona Harper.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you recognise dinosaur fossils’

Fossils are predominantly black coloured and will look different to other rocks in the same area, plus they are heavier than rocks. Often they are broken into irregular fragments and have a porous structure.

Interesting fact: Sometimes if you put your tongue on the rock and it sticks a little bit this can also mean it is a fossil.

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