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Glitz and Glam, The 2018 Tourism Awards

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Congratulations To All Entrants

The Outback Queensland and Queensland Tourism Awards are the nights of nights for tourism providers all across Queensland to share the amazing things that have been happening over the last year. This year we submitted our first ever award submissions for both Outback and Queensland wide awards. The exhaustive process of writing the award helps to really take a step back and have a look at what our business has done in the field of tourism.  Although no awards were received for the museum our staff made the trip to both of the awards hosted in Roma and the Queensland Awards on the Gold Coast at the Star Casino. 

Outback Queensland Tourism Awards

Hosted by Roma this year we were treated to a night of lights and flights with the awards being held on the Apron of the Roma Airport. As we watched the storm roll in it was a fantastic evening of food and awards.  It was exciting to hear that our local government Quilpie Shire Council won the Local Government Award for Tourism. Which is awarded to the government entity that is most proactive in developing their tourism products within their region. 

ENHM Staff with Quilpie Shire Council to celebrate the Local Government Award. 

We look forward to going to next years awards in Winton to represent the museum again and showcase the amazing things that are on offer in South Western QLD. 

Queensland Tourism Awards

The Queensland Tourism Awards were hosted at the Star Casino on the Gold Coast this year on the 16th of November 2018. We were lucky to have two of our employees Robyn and Corey at the event. This exquisite evening showcases the very best in tourism for Queensland. We congratulate everyone who received an award especially those in the Outback and we look forward to representing the museum again next year on the Sunshine Coast for another night of nights for Tourism.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if a fossil site is discovered?

After looking at the fossils ensure all fragments are left where they were found in the field as this is crucial to discovering more bones in the same area. Do not disturb site but take a GPS reading and photos. If possible mark the site with a star picket and contact the Eromanga Natural History Museum for a scientific analysis.

Look at the ENHM on-line resources ‘How to recognise dinosaur sites in the Cooper Basin’.

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