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ABC Radio Interviews Eromanga on 3D Printed Dinosaur

Thursday, June 15, 2017

The first of two interviews on ABC Western Queensland about our 3D printing of Cooper's bones.

The Eromanga Natural History Museum are getting the bones of Australia's largest dinosaur 3D printed. The Far Western Queensland museum used crowed funding to pay for half of the $40 thousand project. The bones were digitally scanned then rendered by an archaeologist into a 3D model, which is then being printed by a robot. Kite Studios in Northern New South Wales are building the model with a large scale 3D printer they developed themselves. The dinosaur has been affectionately nicknamed 'Cooper'. - ABC Western Queensland

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do the Eromanga dinosaurs and the Eulo Diprotodon (Megafauna) have common names like Cooper, George, Sid, Zac and Kenny?

These are identifying names we give a new important dinosaur or megafauna discovery so we know which individual we are talking about. In many cases with the dinosaurs they will be scientifically described as completely new dinosaurs and then they are given a special scientific name.  If they are not a new species then they will already have a special scientific name.  ‘Kenny’ has a scientific name already, Diprotondon optatum.

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