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New Facilities at Cooper's Country Lodge

Friday, July 27, 2018

During the past couple of months guests and staff have been watching our newest building grow. Now almost done it's time to take a look at our newest edition to the Lodge and the Museum Reserve. The new kitchen and laundry facility will be used to cater for guests and also is a preempted build for the upcoming Stage 2.  With the laundry facilty being large enough to cater for our expected growth int he near future. Guests will get the benefit of a guest laundry all for themselves and the option to hire out the kitchen facility to cater for themselves or groups. more

A Home for 'Cooper', Just Around the Corner

Friday, July 27, 2018

Since the chance find in 2004 for by a young 14 year old boy, the dream for a home to house the arid collection of fossils from Eromanga's  surrounds began. Now 14 years on, that dream is about to become a reality. On the 13th of July after years of pushing to fund this build the moment that we had all been waiting for arrived,  in the form of $3.615 million from the Federal Government through the Building Better Regions Fund, with an additional $2.4 million from State and $600,000 from Quilpie Shire Council the  total funding awarded of $6.615 million we are now ready to start to build. more

Dinosaur Dig; Done and Dusted

Friday, July 27, 2018

Being on the team for the Eromanga dinosaur dig is an exceptional experience on so many levels. You are not just working with a team of experts digging up massive dinosaur bones but you are a valuable team member in a small group learning the whole process from beginning to end, how to recognise new dinosaur sites, how time has shaped the surrounding landscapes and how important it is to discover and preserve our Australian dinosaur heritage.

In the evening you watch the sunset across the wide open spaces, enjoy your hosts generous hospitality, conversations and a wonderful meal under the stars in front of beautiful warm campfire and finally being able to fall asleep in the comfort of clean linen and warm rooms of the shearers quarters.

Each day brings its own new discovery and something new to learn about this ancient continent of Australia.

This was the second year we had dig at this dig site and previously we had nicknamed the dinosaur from this site ‘Monty’. ‘Monty’ is looking big…very big. Many bones were removed at the last dig and during this period we ran out of time to remove all the bones we had found. A large area of exposed rock full of dinosaur bones was left to remove this dig as well as continue to uncover more of the bone bed.

National Geographic spent five days on the dig with us filming for a documentary ‘Only in Australia’. The first episode is due to go to air in October 2018. The Nat Geo team were fantastic to work with and I have to thank our dig team for being so accommodating of their many filming requests.

Over the two weeks many more new bones were found and most all cocooned in protective rock but some we were able to simply be removed from the rock and expose beautifully preserved dinosaur bone! Our small but hardworking team had a huge job ahead of them to remove as much of the exposed bone before the end of the dig. Massive plaster jackets…we did it!! Well done dig team 2018.

We thank our ongoing support from our sponsors whom without we  would not be able to remove the amount of material that we did. With a special thanks to SANTOS for helping sponsor the dig, IOR for fuelling our project, Eromanga Contracting for their supply of heavy machinery and Plevna Downs for their use of the land and machinery.  

The bone bed continues and several bones were well covered, protected and left for next year. We look forward to seeing what more of this giant lies beneath.

Robyn Mackenzie 
Field Palaeontologist & General Manager ENHM more

Live From the Labs

Thursday, July 26, 2018

The ENHM Laboratories have often been a hive of activity over the past few months. We have had quite a few individual travellers & some bigger groups, including a group utilising NDIS funding. All of which called in to experience what it’s like to work on dinosaur or megafauna fossils. Some people participated for a few hours and some for over 10 days. Helen Smith recently completed her 10 day training program and gained the skills to be our newest Honorary Volunteer in fossil preparation. The honorary volunteers provide a valuable contribution by helping us to prepare the fossils that then go into our collection, be studied and then displayed to the public.

Another of our Honorary Volunteers - Steve Young, who is a Commercial Photographer, returned for another visit to help sort & photograph microfossils from our megafauna sediment’s. Steve’s skills in micro-photography are hugely beneficial as the fossils he has been sorting range from 5 mm in size down to 500 microns. These fossils - big or small – all help us understand and interpret what the environment was like all those thousands & millions of years ago in our part of south west Queensland. more

Building Better Regions Fund

Friday, July 13, 2018 more

ABC Radio Interview - Dinosaur Digs

Monday, May 28, 2018

Interview with ABC Radio Western Qld, Ollie Wykeham and Robyn Mackenzie ENHM, 25/5/18 ENHM Dinosaur Dig 2018. more

Dinosaur Dig Season 2018

Monday, May 07, 2018

Our Dinosaur Dig Season is starting again soon. Digs starts on the 10th May and run through to the 22nd May. We will be excavating bones from a very large concentration of dinosaur bones. Bone excavated to date is indicating that this is a very large dinosaur! more

In The Media - Queensland family discover Australia's biggest dinosaur

Friday, April 13, 2018

Robyn and Corey of Eromanga Natural History Museum appeared on Seven’s Sunrise recently discussing recent discoveries and the museum while displaying "Coopers" replica leg bone. more

Robyn and Corey will be on Seven’s Sunrise

Monday, April 09, 2018

The Eromanga Natural History Museum Staff are out and about again, this time at the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast. Promoting not only the museum but representing Outback Queensland all in the meantime. ENHM was asked to visit the commonwealth games to showcase all that Queensland has to offer. Even more exciting two of our staff members Robyn and Corey will be on Seven’s Sunrise early in the morning on Tuesday the 10thof April with some pretty amazing bones. If you are looking to see the amazing specimens and are around the Gold Coast on the morning of the 10th, come on down to the Kurrawa Park at Broadbeach. Alternatively, contact us via email more

Emerging Employees

Saturday, April 07, 2018

We are excited to announce that the Museum has got two new employees to build our team throughout the 2018 tourist season. We are set to have another busy year and we look forward to what skills our new employees can bring to the museum. more

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you recognise dinosaur fossils’

Fossils are predominantly black coloured and will look different to other rocks in the same area, plus they are heavier than rocks. Often they are broken into irregular fragments and have a porous structure.

Interesting fact: Sometimes if you put your tongue on the rock and it sticks a little bit this can also mean it is a fossil.

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