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Working in tourism with dinosaurs in Outback South West Queensland

Eromanga Natural History Museum is Australia’s newest dinosaur museum, great to visit whether you learn how prepare a dinosaur bone, learn about the bizarre animals that came after the dinosaur died, the megafauna or go on a dinosaur dig. This developing museum is becoming a more and more popular destination as the word gets out. Increasingly, people of all ages are choosing to find work outside of the metropolitan centres to experience South West Queensland’s outback.

From time to time, opportunities exist for seasonal and permanent employees at the Eromanga Natural History Museum for those who are willing to learn new skills, enjoy working with people, love dinosaurs and our Australian natural history and have a great work ethic.

If you are interested in living and working as part of a committed team that is literally helping to grow the early stages of one of the most significant natural history museums in the Australian Outback as a major tourism destination, please contact us with your details. We would love to hear from you.

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Job Openings 2020 - Tour Guide & Customer Service Reception (applications open now)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do the Eromanga dinosaurs and the Eulo Diprotodon (Megafauna) have common names like Cooper, George, Sid, Zac and Kenny?

These are identifying names we give a new important dinosaur or megafauna discovery so we know which individual we are talking about. In many cases with the dinosaurs they will be scientifically described as completely new dinosaurs and then they are given a special scientific name.  If they are not a new species then they will already have a special scientific name.  ‘Kenny’ has a scientific name already, Diprotondon optatum.

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